Let’s start with the explanation for those who doesn’t know what ketogenic diet is. Keto diet is the kind of diet which can also be called low carb diet. The idea of keto diet is to increase calorie intake from protein and fat and lower the calorie intake from carbohydrates. You are just cutting of the carbs which are easy to digest (sugar, soda, white bread, pastries).

Keto diet is the high fat diet and low carb inatake. The macronutrient breakdown of this diet looks like:

  • 70 percent of your daily calories which come’s from fat,
  • 25 percent of your daily calories which come’s from protein,
  • 5 percent of your daily calories which come’s from carbs.

Standard ketogenic diet

Standard ketogenic diet skd is a diet that is carb intake low. It is moderate protein and high fat diet. There are many keto diets but this one indeed is the most recommended one. This diet is the best kind of keto diet to start with. In this diet you are going to be eating no more than 30 grams of carbs or even less per day. You should be following this diet for at least 2 or 3 weeks to notice if there is anythign changing in your body. Once you are on this standerd keto diet for few weeks you can try on changing on other types of keto diet to see which one is the best for you.

Types of ketogenic diet

There are few types of keto diet. Those types are:

  • Standard ketogenic diet skd,
  • Cyclical ketogenic diet ckd,
  • Targeted ketogenic diet tkd,
  • High protein ketogenic diet,
  • Traditional keto diet,
  • Keto 2.0,
  • Lazy keto diet.

As you can notice here you have 7 types of keto diet types for sure you may find the one for you between them.

Standard ketogenic diet skd

When it comes to standard keto diet it is the one that everyone are talking about when they say keto diet. Standard keto diet is the diet called also very low carb diet and by this you can understand:

  • 55-75% fat,
  • 15-35% protein,
  • 0-10% carbs.

If you gonna keep your macronutrients like those above it is gonna cause in a metabolic shift.

Here are few main rules that are in keto diet:

  • You do not have to count calories and you eat till you are full,
  • You eat the same thing everyday,
  • You eat 3 times a day but it might change there are no eating hours set.

If you are wondering if there are any disadventages of this diet the answer is yes. You might be experiencing things like for example fatigue, dehydration and many others symptoms that might occure. This is commonly called the keto flu. But this keto flu is going to last week or two.

This diet is perfect for those people who are focused on faster weight loss than normally it would happen.

Cyclical ketogenic diet ckd (keto cycling)

This is the standard ketogenic diet in which you are supposed to deviate by eating clean carbs. Here it is about 100 to 150 grams one or twice a week. Cyclical keto diet is perfect for people that are active for example athletes. There are studies that shows eating carbs can help by improving ability to add some new muscle mass mostly after workouts.

Carb cycling can make keto diet easier for you to keep it going for longer periof of time.

Targeted ketogenic diet tkd

Woman and man are working out together at the gym

This keto diet gives you possibility of adding some carbs around workouts. Targeted keto diet is perfect for people who works out. It allows for small meals that contains carbs. You could do those meals before or even after your workouts. You should also remember that this type of keto diet requies you to cut back on fat intake just a little bit when you would have to compensate for the carbs that you added. This diet is perfect for people who o frequently engage in very intense muscle building workout.

High protein ketogenic diet

This high protein keto diet is very similar to standard keto diet. However this one includes way more protein inatke in it. It looks like this:

  • 60% fat,
  • 35% protein,
  • and 5% carbs.

Some people are scared of this diet saying that it has nothing incommon with weight loss but those worries aren’t right. High protein intake in this keto diet is great in promoting strength gains and also body composition when is combined with strength training.

Remember that if you are active you need protein to provide amino acids that makes muscles to grow.

Traditional keto diet

This diet is also called classic keto diet. It was at first developed in 1920 and it was a way to treat epilepsy. This keto diet was in case developed for childhood epilepsy treatment. Tradicional ketogenic diet is wonderful in booting ketone levels. It is also the best suited for therapeutic purposes, for example:

  • Epilepsy,
  • An adjuvant of some of types of cancers,
  • To improve neurodegenerative disease.

Keto 2.0

Keto 2.0 diet is the type of lower fat type of keto diet. In this diet fat is decreased while in the same time carbs and protein intake are increased. This keto diet is ideal for those who wants to lose weight but aren’t okay with sticking with very low carb diets. And as everyone know the only effective diet for weight loss is the one which is followed for long period of time and not just for a while.

This diet is to be honest mediterranean Keto diet. Fish, plants, and olive oil. Keto 2.0 diet is full of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and avocados. You can have fatty fish and eggs also. In this diet is also place for plants.

Lazy keto diet

This so called lazy keto diet is made for this to make keto diet easier to follow. In this diet the only thing that you gotta track is carbs. As long as you stick with low carb intake, and won’t overdo protein department it should give you results that are very similar to normal keto diet.

The benefits of keto diet

There are many of benefits that can be reached with keto diet. Those benefits are:

  • It is very much effective with weight loss,
  • This keto diet controls blood sugar and might possibly retreat type 2 diabetes,
  • It is also going its job in improving blood lipid profiles,
  • It can be potentially prevention against or help with symptoms of cancer, alzheimer or as was said before epilepsy.

Those health benefits are great for those who are dealing with certain things.


This Keto diet is great because its basis are eating big ammount of healthy fat’s, proteins and also fiber dense foods and whats great is also this that this diet is limiting carbs to about 50 grams per day. You should also remember that diet which doesn’t promote ketosis it can’t be called keto diet.

However if we are talking about athletes they are allowed to eat carbs a little bit more time to time. So to sum up you can choose what type of diet you can do. There are many of them for example standard keto diet, cyclical keto diet, standard keto diet and targeted ketogenic diets and many other types. Start your keto lifestyle now!