Penis is a man organ which is responsible for sexual activity and functions. It is also responsible for urination as well as ejaculaton of sperm. Penis can occure in different sizes, color and many other factors. This kind of penis is often regarded as a penile flaw.

Mostly when you notice veins in the penis it is normal and it doesn’t need any medical attention. There are few reaons why you are noticing veins in the penis:

  • Age,
  • Genetics,
  • Frequency of physical activity,
  • Intensity of physical activity,
  • Cardiovascular health,
  • Underlying medical conditions.

In this article you will find anwer on why do the veins shows up on penis and what can it mean.

Penis veins – are penis veins normal?

It is naturall that you have got veins in the penis. To be honest your penis veins are needed. The veins are responsible for blood transplantation to your heart after the blood circulates in your penis to couse erection. It is not said that each man will have same ammount of veins in the penis. Don’t be surprised if you will notice that your veins will change. It is all depending on period or sometimes even having sexual activity or some kind of vessel surgery or may it also be because of getting injure.

Penis veins visibility doesn’t determine the strength, volume or ejaculation. Veins can change their sizes depending on some conditions. For example they can change because of sex or underlying issues which can negatively affect blood flow in your penis.

What can couse penis veins?

Veins on penis and penis vein visibility can change because of numerous factors. Those factors can be for example blood clots, penile blood clots, peyronie’s disease, lymphangiosclerosis, lymphedema, erection and many others.

Blood clots and penile blood clots

Thrombosis can be happening in your veins when a mass of blood cells do bunch together with blood vessels. Blood clots might be painful and might be also seen enlarged veins in the penis. The painful erection may also be happening. When your penis is flaccid veins can feel tender or firm while you gonna touch them. Blood clots can affect the cardiovascular system and it can trap blood in the veins.

Penile blood clots mostly happens in the penile dorsal vein and it is located on top of your shaft. It is a condicion called penile mondor’s disease. Penile tumors can couse penile blood clots for example.

Peyronie’s disease

This disease happens when plauge or scar tissue forms at the bottom or sometimes on top of the penis. Here are the things which can couse this condition:

  • Aging,
  • Injury,
  • Autoimmune disease,
  • Vigorous sexual activity.

This condition can give chronic pain while having sex.


Doctor is looking at his patient's history card

This condition isn’t normal hardening of a lymph vessel located in the penis. This looks kinda like the rest of your skin. Indurate part of vein vassel is located below the head of your penis. This conditions develops because of:

  • Circumcision,
  • Penis scarring which is caused by circumcision,
  • An penis injury,
  • Sexual infections.

To get diagnosis of lymphangiosclerosis doctor will need to run some blood tests and analyze a tissue sample. This illness goes away with 6 weeks. But people having lymphangioscleriosis should be absent with sex and each sexual related things even masturbation.


This condition is the swelling which happens when the lymph fluid flows in wrong way in body. Vains swell and are more visible then normally and it is the reason of the lymphedema. There are reasons of this conditions. Those reasons are:

  • Infection,
  • Removal of lymph nodes,
  • Cancer treatment,
  • Scar tissue buildup,
  • Blockages in the lymphatic system,
  • Injury.


While you have got erection, oxygenated blood that flows from your heart goes through the cavernous artery. Cavernous artery supplies 3 chambers of spongy tissue. This increased blood flow couses the spongy tissue to expand which causes the erection. And the blood remains there to the time when erection goes down.

Blood vessels

Blood vessels are huge part of penile anatomy. When erection is occuring man arties exands in allowing more of the blood flow and later on it is trapped into the penis. This whole trapped blood makes penis firm. It gives a man the rigidity that he needs to intercourse. Later on when the sexual activity is over this whole blood is carried by the veins out of the penis and it goes back to flaccid state.

Are prominent veins affecting erection or ejaculation?

Mostly prominent veins don’t affect erectile function. However, studies shows close connection between cardiovascular health and erectile function. For example studies shows that erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of cardiovascular disease. Also it is shown that erectile dysfunction can come at heart attack even by 3 or 5 years.

Doctor visit

If you are wondering when you should get in touch with your doctor then here is your answer. If your veins are more visible than normally it shouldn’t be something to be worried about. The time when you should get worried and decide on contacting with your doctor is when those veins in the penis makes feel discomfort. You should visit doctor if you are having those symptoms you should get in touch with him:

  • Pain durning the ejaculation,
  • Pain while erection,
  • Tender or hard veins while being touched,
  • Bumps on scrotum or penis,
  • Swelling of one or sometimes even two of your testicles on penis,
  • Unusual discharge from penis.

So you should contact healthcare professional when you will notice any of those factors above.


  • There is penile falw which can include penis to have for example loose skin or penile curvature
  • There are several veins that carry blood to your penis.
  • Genetics as well as age can influence skin thickness and this can make your veins show up or just get bigger than normally.
  • Cardiovascular diseases can be occuring later on after erectile dysfunction.


As you could read there are factors influence vein visibility and it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong or you should be worring about. There are many vains and also arteries which carry blood and forms the spongy erectile tissue in penis. Vein size and also it’s visibiliy might vary over a person’s lifetime. So as you could see there are potential underlying medical conditions that can couse veins to your penis. You should also remember that having visible vein beneath of your penis is perfectly normal.