Having an orgasm can be very powerful thing, your heart’s pumping like you just ran some kind of marathon. While you have an orgasm your body takes it all. Your muscles contract, your breath quickens and there can even show some sweat. Have you ever wonder if you can with orgasm really burn calories? Let’s find the answer to it.

How many calories can you burn by reaching orgasm?

Sex sometimes can feel like working out but to be honest sex can be qualificated as light to moderate exercise. Average sex time session lasting about 6 minutes this might be allowing for 18 to maximum calorie burn is 24. Average female burns around 3 calories a minute during sex session and around 4 calories is what average male burns.

How to burn calories while having sex

Let’s start with obvious things. Being “on top” requires more movement from you and this also makes you put more energy to it. So if you are trying to burn few calories durning sex take the charges. You may also not be that selfish and you can take turns with your sex partner so both of you take benefits out of this love jurnery.

To burn more calories durnig full sex session you can also make this whole session last a little big longer than normally. But unfortunetely it is not that easy to do. And to be honest you should be doing what is best for you and your partner choose positions that gives you and your partner pleasure. So dont think mostly about calories that can be burned while having sex.

Sex burns calories but not that much. So if you count on burning lot’s of calories you should decide on going to gym.

What can you do to burn more calories by masturbing?

There are few factos that can help you in extra burning calories. Those factors are:

  • intensity,
  • length of orgasm,
  • duration,
  • position,
  • activity.

If you gonna build up an orgasm this might be great way to go for it. Being passive is not going to get your heart rate up at all – and yes it won’t matter how long does it take to masturbate. Just focus on this what you are doing. However there are some ways to burn more calories for women:

  • You should be moving your fingers faster and harder.
  • Use a toy on your clitoris and your vagina.
  • Try out some different positions while using toys.
  • Exploring your erogenous zones while still simulating your clitoris as well as vagina.

Are there any other benefits?

Man in red shirt is pointing his finger up

Burning calories isn’t the only benefit of masturbing. Study suggests that it might also help with:

  • Strengthen pelvic muscle tone,
  • Ease lower back pain while you are pregnant,
  • Relieve cramps as well as muscle tension,
  • Lower the risk of prostate cancer,
  • Induce sleep.

There are many many more of benefits of those solo sessions that you can give yourself.

If you are dissapointed in this that sex doesn’t burn as many calories as you thought keep in your mind this that sex has much more of benefits than just those calories burns.


  • People’s body needs physical activity every day and sex in it’s definition is physical activity.
  • It is recomended for adults to do at least 150 minutes of exercise per week so your average sex session won’t count much toward this.
  • Person being the “buttom” will burn fewer calories than the “on top” person.
  • Trying out different sex possitions can increase the number of calories that you are going to burn.


Sex has got more benefits other than calories burn. It can also reduce stress orgasms can also relieve pain, help you with sleep, boost your mood as well as it can also improve your cognitive function. So as you can notice there is also great health benefits portion that sex and orgasm can give you.


Women burn calories as well as do calories men burn during sexual intercourse. As you could notice not only having sex can help you but also masturbating is a good way to go for. Sex is a physical activity but will not burn many calories. However you can burn more calories by trying different positions so this wonderful orgasm burn some more calories.