Women tend to suffer from joint pain and also they are having harder time in finding the right treatment for them. It is right that everyone get’s some kind of pain or ache but women are more likely to have those joint pain.

Joint pain and muscle pain

This is the symptom of too much inflammation while you are in your period. Most of the days women can deal with this pain but before their period or durning it they are having herder times. While or before period those inflammatory markers that are helping releasing the menstrual blood may be the reason why of making those symptoms worse.

How menstrual cycle can be affecting inflammatory arthritis

Are you wondering how your menstrual cycle may be affecting inflammatory arthritis? Well yes it is possible and there are few theories about that. Here they are:

  • Fluctuating Hormone Levels – there are suggestions which says that all of those hormones that are showing up while your menstrual cycle may be affecting inflammation of the arthritis. While you are before your period or you are at your period levels of hormones like estrogen and progesterone are in it’s lows. There are studies that shows that women right before their periods are in pain way more than normally,
  • Pain perception – this is second connection between arthritis flares and menstrual cycle. In time that estrogen levels are low lots of women report more pain.

inflammatory arthritis symptoms

Inflammatory arthritis symptoms in women opoion are improving several days after their periods ends. Here ate the most common symptoms:

  • Joint pain after period.
  • Swelling, redness or feeling of some kind of warmth in affected joints.
  • Inflammation of other body parts like skin or internal organs for example lungs.

Is there a way to ease arthritis flares in period time?

If you have the feeling that your period is coming and you can feel that symptoms of arthritis are getting worse you can help yourself by:

  • Following your treatment plan. If you are controling your disease it can readuce inflammation that is happening in your body. That is just one less factor that can cause pain, mood swings, sleep disruption and many many more.
  • Pain relievers. Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs like for example ibuprofen. Thise medications can help you to reduce pain as well as inflammation.
  • Follow your symptoms. If you will get to know more about your menstrual cycle you will be able to know what can be waiting for you when it comes.
  • Exercise. Gantle exercise would be great it helps you ease PMS symptoms but also it can help you strenghten the muscles which are located at your joints. This can also improve flexibility of yours.
  • Aplly cold or heat. Sometimes warm compress can help you reduce pain and cold can be great help in easing the inflammatory symptoms. It can be great for swelling. Just try out both of them and see which one is better for you.
  • Take it easy. Just take it easy and give yourself a little break. Let your body take the time it needs to rest and get back on track.

Medicine which can help with inflammatory

Many women are dealing with lot’s of pain and doctor can suggest them medications like:

  • ibuprofen,
  • mefenamic acid,
  • high dose aspirin,
  • naproxen sodium,
  • indomethacin.

There are few more of medicine that doctor can give you to help you alleviate pain.

The Estrogen and Joint Pain Connection

Women are more likely to feel pain in more body parts, more intensively and also more often than man. Female hormones are huge role players in women way of feeling pain.

The estrogen is believed to be protecting women against pain. When woman is before her period estrogen levels are lower and they are rising up just after the period is over. So this might be the reason why symptoms of inflammation are getting worse while woman is before or during her period.

There are some studies that shows remission of symptoms while pregnancy and are coming back when estrogen dips during the postpartum period starts.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is autoimmune and also inflammatory disease. It is touching women three times more often than men. Those health conditions that are caused by this disease can be very bothering. Rheumatoid arthritis is an illness in which your immune system is attacking healthy cells in your body by mistake. Those actions are causing inflammation in the affected parts of the body.

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

Woman on the sofa in pain

Like every disease this one also has it’s symptoms. Here you are able to find them out:

  • Pain or aching in more than just one joint,
  • Fatigue,
  • Tiredness,
  • Fever,
  • Stiffness in more than one joint,
  • Tenderness and swelling in more than just one joint,
  • Weight loss.

There are times when those symptoms can get worse and it is called flares. But also those symptoms can also get better and it is called remission.


Let’s start with explaning what fibromyalgia is. Fibromyalgia is a condition that is the reason why of fatigue, tendereness and lot’s of pain. This contcion touches both genders but women are more likely to be dealing with it. When it comes to woman and fibromyalgia when they are on their period the pain that they are dealing with might be even worse. Most women with this condition are in their 40’s or 50’s. Fibromyalgia is a condition which symptoms may feel worst for those women which are postmenstrual or are having menopause.

To be honest fibromyalgia might be diffefult in its diagnosis. It’s signs aren’t able to be seen on blood tests or X- ray’s or any other exams. Another problem can be this that women who are having painful menstrual cycles might put the fault on those and won’t even think of another cause of it.


  • If you want help yourself with inflammation while you are on your period you can try on keeping up with healthly habbits. Those habbits might for example be healthly, balanced diet, staying active and many more.
  • If you are durning your period and you are dealing with inflammation you can help yourself try on managing stress.
  • If you are dealing with worsen symptoms of inflammation durning menstruation talk to your doctor.


As it can be seen there is hormonal connection to joint pain durning menstrual cycle so if you are woman and you are having some kind of aches pay attention to it maybe there is a way to cure it and you won’t have to deal with it. Doctors might give you some kind of pain killers which will be great in your pain relieve. Remeber that your health care is something very importamt and you should be careful if there is anything that can affect your health.