Heteroflexible people are people that are usually straight but time to time has sex with people of the same sex as their. In this article you will find the answer to this question and you also will understand more about different sexual identity. There is even uo to 15% of the U.S. population that might be identify as heteroflexible as the studies says.

What is heteroflexible

Let’s put some lables on this term. What does it mean? What term heteroflexible means? Heteroflexible is sexual behavior when someone says that he or she are mostly straight. Those people who identify themselves as heteroflexible speak of themselves as they are attracted to different gender than theirs, but sometimes they find themselves in possition of same gender attraction. Heteroflexibility as an orientation is sometimes something that people argue about. Some people say’s that heteroflxibility is just another term for bisexuality.

Heteroflexibility doesn’t have strict definitions. In general heteroflexible is when heterosexual person is occasionally attracted to people with the same sex as their own.

Sexual identity

Nowadays sexual identity is something very important. Sexuality is all about this how you see and express yourself in sexual way. It is all about who you want to date and with who you want to be shering your sexual experience.

There are straight people but also bisexual people, homosexual (gay’s and lesbian’s). There are also asexual or queer orientations. As you can see there are many sexual identities that people may identify as.

On sexual identity is componed with gender identity as well as sexual orientation and romantic orientattion. So let’s talk a little bit about each of them and explain what they. Gender identity is this how someone sees their gender. Most people identify theirselves with the sex that they were assigned at birth. But there are people who identify their sex as different gender that they were assigned to they are called transgender in short trans. To make it simple for you to understand let’s give you an example. If there is a baby born and doctor assigned female sex at it birth based on examination of external genitalia that he had done at this time but the same baby as it grows do not identify itselve as a female but do as a male. In this case this person is called transgener. Sexual orientation is to someone that person is sexually attracted as well as romantically attracted to. There are terms that can be included as sexual orientation which are:

  • Heterosexual,
  • Homosexual,
  • Bisexual,
  • Pansexual,
  • Asexual,
  • Queer.

When it comes to romantic orientation it can be seen when it comes to engage in romatic kind of connections with other people. People can feel emotionally attracted but they still might not experience sexual attraction. Those people can speak of themselves as they are aromantic, demi romantic or polyamorous.

Same sex attractions

Sexuallity might be very hard thing for some people. There are many people that are unsure about their sexuality or sometimes they are sure and they are identifying themselves for example as bi but they are scared to reveal it to others. They are scared of rejection and very often of discrimination. It might be very hard for some people to “Come out” and tell world that they do love same gender.

Same gender love

Some people are aware of this who they are and who they are into. But in some cases people aren’t sure of their orientation or are also very often questioning it. Very important is this that if we are in touch with someone who is questioning her’s or his orientation we shouldn’t be thinking that they already are part of LGBT+ community. Lot’s of young people are questioning their sexuality and are experiences with their sex and feelings that they are having to someone else. Don’t worry if you can’t find your sexual orientation yet you have time do it the way it is comfortable with you. Remember also that you are living human being and not just lable like Im this and Im that yes our sexual orientation do help us to find the right place that we want to fit in but you still should remember to do it what is right for you in right time for you.

More than one gender

Hand is holding heart colored as rainbow

Is it possible to fancy more than one gender? Well the answer of couse is yes, it is very much possible. If you are the person that is attaracted to men and woman it is all okay, there is nothing wrong with you. This is called bisexuality. There are many bisexual people in this world so don’t be scared if you fancy both genders. Bisexuality is when one person is sexually attracted to people of not one but more than one gender.

Sometimes it is mistaken and said that bisexuality is not the real orientation. What’s weird to be honest is this that while women claim to be bisexual, people are saying that in general she is straight but while men say’s the same thing he is already labeled as gay.

Remeber bisexuality is when someone is attracted to in emotional way as well as in sexual way to same sex as their and the opposite sex as well.

Interesting facts

  • Heteroflexibility means that person who is primarily heterosexual has in some levels of attraction to people with the same gender. For example We have heterosexual man and yet he has some of attraction to other men.
  • Heteroflexible people might be in relationships that might be in heterosexual in eyes of others.
  • There are many young people who are having problems to accept their orientations.
  • Lot’s of people consider homosexual or bisexual people in some kind of phase but in fact the majority of those people who identify as any of those opinions.
  • There are many reasons why people choose use term heteroflexible and not bisexual. For example people who says so might be open for idea of being attacted to people of the same gender as their but they just aren’t sure of that.


It isn’t hard to notice that heteroflexibility very often means different things to different people. Sometimes it is hard for people to deal with their sexuality and they are rejecting the idea that they cen experience attraction for example for the same gender as theirs. If you are still wondering if heteroflexible people are the part of LBGTQ+ community then the answer is yes because it is the way to describe sexual fluidity.

Remember that it is the most important for you to feel good with your own identity and this should be the most important to be comfortable with yourself. If you are heterflexible person and you want to explain someone esle what does it mean you can say that your are primarily attracted to people with different sex but sometimes you feel attracted to people with different sex.

It is very important that people should be define themselves and choose their own labels that they gonna feel like they fit in perfectly. Remeber also that you doesn’t have to stay your while life as this one label it can change and nobody can tell you who should you be no words matter but yours.