Red moles that you can find on your skin are also called cherry angioma. Those red moles most of the time shows up on chest, back, face or neck but it is not said that they will show up only there, they can appear anywhere on the body and most of the time they do not need any medical attention.

Cherry angioma

Cherry angioma is something looking like skin mole, it growths out of tiny blood vessels. This is one of the most common angioma type. There is also another name of cherry angioma. They also goes by the name of senile angiomas or Campbell de morgan spots. Cherry angiomas are benign tumors. They are result of overgrowth of the capillaries. Cherry angiomas mostly shows up in adults whom are older than 30 years old it is very rare for children to get this red moles.

Symptoms of cherry angioma

Cherry angioma can show up in different colors than just red. Those moles can be for example in blue or purple. If someone put some pressure on them they do turn white or blanch. Cherry angiomas can be in different sizes but mostly are in a size of just few millimeters. When they do get bigger they are roundy with flat smooth tops.

Causes of cherry angioma

There are no studies that shows any particular causes of cherry angioma. However there are experts who clames that they have tendency of being genetic. Age is huge factor here also. If you wonder why answer is easy. While you are aging cherry angiomas increases in numbers and sizes as you start your 40’s.


Doctor is pointing on the patient's neck with moles

Mostly treatment of cherry angioma is very much cosmetic. They aren’t a serious thing mostly. However there are even 4 options of how to treat cherry angiomas. Those options are:

  • Excision – this metod is all about cutting or sometimes shave excision out from the skin. Doctor will give you local anesthetic before he starts so it will reduce the pain. You may feel a littl bit of pain and discomfort when you are dont with this procedure.
  • Electrodesiccation – this method is involving burning off the skin growths. Doctors are commonly using this to get rid of benging tumors, skin cancer and also pre skin cancer’s.
  • Cryosurgery – let’s begin with this that this treatment might be way less effective than others. It is freezing off the tissue of the skin growths. Your doctor will freeze your red mole with liquid nitrogen.
  • Laser removal – this laser treatment looks like the laser goes through skin and also blood vessles and is absorbing the beam. After this treatment angioma should go off and turn in some dark colors for example gray. Person who decides on this option will need two treatments to see best result.

You may want to remove cherry angiomas because of cosmetic reasons but also it may be problematic for you if they tend to bleed easily.

Home remedies

If you were wondering if there are any of home remedies for your red mole then yes there are. You will be able to find them out here but you should also know that there aren’t any proven evidence that they gonna work. Here they are:

  • Coconut oil – it is very helpful with different skin conditions. Some people do believe that coconut oil can decrease the size of the moles.
  • Lemon juice – If you gonna use lemon juice few times per day your red mole should bleach which makes it almost not able to be seen.
  • Garlic – Yes you see good garlic is said to be one of home remedies for red moles. Some people are applying garlic on red moles and it makes them dimish or sometimes even go off completly.
  • Aloe vera – Some people believe that if they gonna apply aloe vera over time might lead to removal of red moles.
  • Banana peels – Banana peels contains special enzymes and acids which makes some of people believe that it will help to remove those red moles.

There are many, many more of home remedies that are said that might be working on red moles removal but here are ome of the most common ones. You can try them out if you are dealing with diagnosis of red moles and see yourself if they are working for real.


  • Cherry angiomas can be mistaken with other skin conditions.
  • Bright red moles color occurs because of the dilated capillaries.
  • After laser surgery you should avoid sun exposure.
  • Red moles shouln’t be something your are worried about but if you do notice sudden outbreak of several lesions you should contact with dermatologist.
  • Doctor should advide you some kind of treatment if your red moles starts to bleed and gives you uncomfortable feeling or you notice any changes in their appearance.


It is unknown why those red moles are showing up there is no exact cause of those cherry angiomas. They are in shape of domed and flat. Appearance if those cherry angiomas shouldn’t cause cancers. Most of the times those red moles typically aren’t something you should worry about. They can develop anywhere on your body so don’t be scared if you gonna find it on some “weird” part of your body. Cherry angiomas do not have to be treated most of the times but you do have that option to get rid of them and above you could read about them.