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Discover the benefits healthy dog treats offer. Find out why healthier options can help keep your pet happy and healthy. Check it out now!

Most pet owners have a favourite treat for their furry friends. Whether it’s a special type of food or a store-bought treat, giving your dog a reward can be beneficial in many ways. But which treats are best for your dog? And why should you give them treats at all? In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of treats, the most popular types and why they are increasingly popular with pet owners. You’ll also learn about healthy treats for your dog.

Good resolution is healthy dog treats from Tedy’s Treats

Treats come in all shapes, sizes, flavours and textures. From single-ingredient food to treats packed with vitamins and minerals. There is sure to be something among them for every owner that suits their dog’s personality. Some of the most popular dog treats include freeze-dried meat snacks, semi-moist meat bars, dehydrated biscuits and bones, baked, crunchy biscuits with flavourings and soft chews. There are also vegan options, which are made from plant-based ingredients such as fruit and vegetables. And these healthy dog treats are becoming increasingly popular.

A joyous and contented dog, with its tail wagging and tongue out, expressing pure happiness. The dog's eyes sparkle with joy as it basks in the warmth of the sunlight, radiating an aura of bliss and satisfaction

Benefits of giving treats

Giving your dog treats has more benefits than just making him happy and showing affection. Treats can be used to build trust between owner and pet by reinforcing positive behaviour through reward systems – a practice known as ‘positive reinforcement training’, which helps dogs learn commands quickly while building their confidence. In addition, treats are an excellent source of nutrition when given in moderation (especially those rich in protein and vitamins), helping to promote healthy growth and development while providing energy for the day. That’s why it’s always a good idea to go for healthy dog treats, which allow us to benefit from all the advantages previously stated, while also nourishing our pet in a healthy way.

The difference between small and large dogs

Treats come in different sizes depending on the size of your pet – smaller treats for smaller dogs and larger treats for larger dogs. This is important because large dogs need more calories than small dogs to maintain their energy levels throughout the day. Therefore, larger dogs require larger treats that contain more calories per treat than smaller dogs. In addition, some breeds may require specific types of snacks due to their dietary needs, so check with your vet before giving any new type of snack to ensure it is suitable for your pup.

Healthy dog treats should make their way into your home

Eating habits are very important when it comes to keeping our pets healthy – from choosing nutrient-dense food options to offering proper portion control – but we often forget the importance of giving our puppies and adult dogs rewards for good behaviour in the form of treats! As mentioned above, offering treats not only helps to reinforce positive behaviour, but can also be an excellent source of nourishment if given in moderation. So the next time you reach into a bag full of delicious smelling snacks remember – every dog deserves an occasional reward!