Ear infections might also be called otitis media. It is an infection that is loacated in middle ear. It is the air that is filling the space behind the eardrum. Causes of ear infections are bacterias, viruses but also combinatins of both of them as good as allergies.

Ear infection

If you were wodering if ear infections might be contagious the answer is no. Most ear infections are very easy to treat but if it’s symptoms are worse and comes even to fever you should get some medical intervention. An ear infections most of the time are caused by bacterial or viral infection.

Those ear infections are the most common in children. There is very little children that never had an ear infection but it isn’t said that you can’t get an ear infection if are an adult.

Ear infection symptoms

Ear infections might give symptoms, and those symptoms might for example be:

  • Ear pain – might occure in both of ears,
  • Sore throat,
  • Fever,
  • Muffled hearing,
  • Some outflow fluids from the ear.

If you are a parent and you are noticing any changes in your child health and you are worried that this might be an ear infection you should be looking common symptoms. Those symptoms might be like:

  • Pulling on one or both ears,
  • Fever,
  • Noticing chanages in hearing of your child,
  • Irritability,
  • Fluid draining from ears.

Ear infections – is it contagious?

To be honest ear infections are not contagious. But those bacterias or viral infections which are causing ear infections can spreed in easy way from one person to another. There are 3 types of ear infections that you or your child might have:

  1. External ear infection. This one is very common called as swimmer’s ear.
  2. Middle ear infection. This one is common called as otitis media. This one is the most common ear infection, especilly when it comes to kids.
  3. Labyrinthitis. This is caused by infections. Labyrinthitis is inflammation of the inner ear.


Doctor is checking her's patient's ear

It is very important to get professional medical advice especially when it comes to children. Recurrent ear infections in children can even lead to hearing loss and also even to speach delay’s.

Treatment of an ear infection depens on this how long it lasted and the age of the person that is dealing with an ear infections. Most ear infections last few days and the goes away by themselves. So because of that most doctors says to wait with antibiotic treatment and the reason why is because germs become resistant to meds that are being used to fight them. However babies under 6 months old that are diagnosed with an ear infection are being treated with antibiotic right away. The reason why is it happening is because bacteria that is causing ear infecion can spreed to anoter part of the baby’s body what can lead to serious consequences.

If it comes to treating your middle ear infections with antibiotic’s they can be taken orally and others can be just antibiotic’s ear drops. Also your doctor might give you some ear pain relievers that are just some over the counter pain relievers.


If you want to prevent an ear infection you will have to prevent the infections that are causes of ear infections. So you should do things like:

  • Try to avoid exposure on sneezing or coughing people,
  • Remember to wash your hands,
  • Try not to touch your nose, mouth and also eyes with unwashed hands,
  • Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand cigarette smoke,
  • Brestfeed your baby at least for 6 months because milk contains antibodies,
  • Get vaccine for the flu as well as other viruses which are highly contagious


  • When it comes to inner ear infection this can be a case of inflammation. It can have symptoms like dizziness, nausea or vomiting. Problems with inner ear might be a sign of something more serious conditions like for example meningitis.
  • Ear infections happen when the eustachian tubes are swollen or sometimes blocked eustachian tubes can appear too.
  • Eustachian tubes are shorter and more horizontal which is easier for commection between he middle ear and the respiratory system to be clogged and also infected.
  • Ear infections are often called children ear infections. The reason why is because they often are dealing with ear infections.
  • Acute otitis media is an ear infection that comes very quickly.
  • Bacteria often is attacking the middle ear after a viral infection or an allergy.
  • Family physicians can even advice an surgery in severe cases as well as chronic cases.

Middle ear

Middle ear infection is causes by fluid which is trapped in behind the eardrum. While you have middle ear infection you might have the feeling of fullness in your ear and also you might have some earache. You also might be dealing with fever or problems with hearing. Middle ear infection risk factors can be for example weakened immune system, tobacco smoke and many others.

Outer ear

Outer ear infection is also called otitis externa. Outer ear infection most of the time starts with itchy rash. Your ear might be painful, red, swollen and also tender.

Middle ear

Middle ear infecttion can very much spreed into an inner ear what is very common reason of bacterial infection in the inner ear.


Remember not to let your ear infection go on for a long time without any healthcare provider appointment. If you do so you can risk permanent hearing loss. However your doctor might advice a watchful waiting before he will prescribe antibiotics on your infections. It is done this way because many ear infections improve mostly with few days. However remember that repeated ear infections can be very dangerous.

Most of the time it is younger children getting an ear infections. If you gonna let younger children left untreated with an ear infections it can lead to hearing loss. Remember that ear infections are caused by bacterias as well as viruses which most of the time shows up in the middle ear. This might be because of the common cold or flu.

Ear infection most of the time are mild but can be a reason of the discomfort and if your symptoms gets worse go and see healthcare professionals. If your docotor is prescribing antibiotics to you go and buy meds at your local pharmacy. Don’t ignore it because it can lead to ear damage.