You probably at least once in your life heard about G spot. G spot is called Gräfenberg spot. But did you ever heard of hither motion? If no then we will explain it to you. Come hither motion is a technique of fingering a woman’s vagina. The person that does the fingering has to make the so called boy scout sign index finger and middle finger and after that he or she has to insert these fingers into the vagina with the palm up. As the fingerer withdraws the fingers partner has to curl them up it has to be something like if you were beckoning to someone to “comr hither” rubbing this famous G spot.

Clitoral stimulation

Remeber that there is nothing to be scared of, if you are a person what has got a clitoris the don’t be scared of saying what you like or what you do not like. However if you are the person that is dating someone with clitoris don’t be scard to ask what is it that your partner likes or dislike. It is very important to let eachother know what makes you feel good durning any sexual activity.

Clitoral stimulating isn’t just this one ritual that you think of you can mix it up with different kin dof positions and pressure as well as rhythm this will be wonderful so try and see. You or your partner could for example do things like:

  • Switching the direction of rubbing,
  • Add a little bit of more pressure,
  • Maybe try on mixing the techniques,
  • Work on the rhythm maybe try to slow it down or speed it a little,
  • Add one more finger or use one less,
  • Try on adding or changing sex toys.

As you could see there are lot things that you can do while clitoris stimulation.

Come hither and index finger

Man showing his index finger

Sex is different to different people and involves different things. If we talk about come hither motion you should her your palm facing upwords which is going to be toward her abdomen insert your index finger to her vagina and then just motion up and then back toward yourself in a come hither. While this technique you should be feeling her g spot. Some women likes her g spot stimulation but other don’t like that so much. While doing that she might be feeling like there is something bearing down sensation and she might be thinking she wants to pee. It isn’t anything out of normal if she is okay with that she can bear down if she only feels okay with that. If you gonna find any fluid coming because of g spot stimulation don’t worry because it is normal and even healthy to be honest. Female as well as men has got ejaculate fluid. Female ejaculate fluid comes out of the urethra.

How can you find G spot

If you think this is easy to be found you might be very much wrong. This G spot isn’t even on any kind of human body map. But don’t be disappointed because it is not impossible to be found. Make it easy for your love partner and find your g spot yourself.

If you decide on finding out your g spot great tip for you would be that you should start with relaxation. As long as you are exploring your body think of this what feels best for you. When it comes to the point that you feel great with youself and you feel that everything is right to start another level of masturbating you should start massaging the opening of your vagina right before when you gonna start insert your fingers or maybe a sex toy. Then when you are in this place start lifiting the sex toys or fingers upward your belly button to the come hither. While doing this you should remember you are trying to find G spot you should find this what feels right for you. Not all women will find G spot stimulation good for them. Just take time and see whats great for you. Remember that you should have great sex and enjoy it the way it feels good for you.

Most women find stimulating this G spot gives them feeling like they do have to urinate but after few seconds this feeling becomes the feeling of pleasure.


  • Try out some positions that are going to stimulate the G spot.
  • Don’t think that the sex is this what movies shows,
  • Ask your loved one what is his/her’s mood. If he/she is into sensual or maybe another kind of sex mood.
  • Don’t stress out, this can deliver you the feeling of dissatisfaction.
  • Some women prefect sex at night while other don’t mind having it durning the day – ask and find out.
  • Don’t put penetration first. You can pleasure your woman without any penetration.


Remeber that sex should be a pleasure to you. So you should remember that you should find those things that gives you this pleasure with your love partnet or even by yourself. Have that in your mind that you should disscuse every possibilities with your love partner that is gonna let both of you achieve great orgasms.

You should also remeber that your sex is gonna depend on the mood both of you has. As long as woman can enojoy blended orgasms and G spot orgasms remember that it is no good to prefer one orgasm over another.

It is the fact that men as well as many women don’t know how to find G spot so don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know how to do that. Don’t be scared to explore your body by yourself or with him/her.

Remeber that the key to create yourself good sex is to talk with the other half and find out what he or she likes and is into. This thing should be great feeling for both of you. It is also very important to remember that orgasm is an orgams it is doesn’t matter what form it came from – it can be by intercourse, clitoris or g spot stimulation.